Google Announces the Addition of 360 Product Views in Google Shopping

In a somewhat unforeseen move, Google simply introduced that they are adding support for 360 product sights into their updated Google Shopping experience. The news includes a neat set of demo products and a fast type for the interested merchants to use. This method thus far looks similar to what Google has done with Business Photos in the past, using stores as well as dining establishments to showcase their places in 360 levels inside Google maps.

The enhancement of 360 product sights in Google Shopping is an interesting advancement which also raises a few inquiries.

The concept itself is not new as well as has actually been successfully carried out by countless on the internet shops worldwide. In a global survey performed by Adobe and also released in 2010, more than 20% of their -responders in more than 500 companies global were intending on adopting 360 product views and also 3D-vizualization innovations. Currently at the end of 2012 the demand for such interactive shopping is seeing a substantial boost with the rise of mobile ecommerce. For Google who just started unifying their ecommerce devices into a solid buying experience with Google Shopping, capable of taking on the similarity Amazon, this is likewise an extremely logical advance.

However there could be some challenges likewise. From seller’s perspective, the primary problem with the 360 item sights is the actual manufacturing of the 360-degree imagery. Quality item photography is quite demanding. It’s time-consuming and also expensive. When it pertains to the 360 item photography this is a lot more crucial as the procedure is rather involved, usually needing details experience as well as costly 360 photography tools. Excellent 360 product presentation consists of at the very least 20 to 40 photos per item, and also relies on the accurate item placing for a balanced turning, in addition to high quality lighting as well as great deals of creative thinking. This is especially true for products that are huge, extremely reflective or have one-of-a-kind forms. Photographers have to build tricky suspension rigs, wall mounts, customized mannequins and comparable solutions to make product look like floating or put on hold. At the end, all these elements added to a rather slow adoption of the 360 item discussions on the internet, despite the fact that their advantages for retailers and also shoppers in shopping are considerable.

What this means for Google is that their major target market for this new service is mosting likely to be product manufactures and also not the resellers that so far is the key target of Google Shopping. Resellers don’t such as to invest way too much on top quality still shots left alone 360 photography, as well as the concept of sharing such distinct imagery with their competitors in Google Shopping the method it works currently is not mosting likely to fly with these folks quite possibly. On the other hand, excellent quality item digital photography as well as 360 views specifically stay an important differentiator that some stores rely upon to contend for their clients. This differentiator will be shed if these pictures are shared between several contending sellers in Google Shopping, as well as frankly would make the purchasing fairly boring. Also today, searching Google product listings with the same manufacture given images over and over once again is unexciting.

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