How to Incorporate Instagrammable Spots in Your Hair Salon

In today’s digital age, social media has become essential for marketing and customer engagement. Instagram, in particular, has gained significant traction as a platform where businesses can showcase their products and services. For a hair salon, creating “Instagrammable” spots during your hair salon renovation can elevate customer experience and encourage free marketing through social media shares. Here’s how to incorporate Instagram-friendly elements into your design.

1. Statement Walls

Statement walls with bold patterns, interesting textures, or eye-catching colours can serve as a perfect backdrop for Instagram photos. Choose a theme or colour scheme that aligns with your salon’s branding. You could go bold with geometric patterns or opt for something more subtle yet stylish, like floral wallpaper. Whichever you choose, this will be the ‘it’ spot for selfies that people will want to capture and share.

  1. Mirrored Areas

A well-placed, stylish mirror can do wonders for your salon’s Instagram appeal. Ensure that the area around the mirror is well-lit and clutter-free. You want the focus to be on the hairstyle and the individual, not the products or tools in the background. This encourages customers to take ‘after’ selfies to showcase their new hairstyles, which becomes a testimonial for your services. Adding your salon’s logo or hashtag to the mirror can also serve as a branding tool.

3. Signature Furniture Pieces

Invest in one or two pieces of unique furniture that stand out and invite customers to sit and snap a picture. It could be a luxurious, velvet-upholstered chair or a retro-inspired sofa. The key is to choose something that aligns with your salon’s overall aesthetic.

Dress up the area with some small touches like a patterned rug, interesting wall art, or quirky sculptures that can make for compelling visual elements in a photo. These pieces can add character to your salon and be interesting focal points in Instagram photos.

4. Lighting Features

Good lighting is crucial for taking great photos. Consider adding a professional-grade ring light at styling stations or a neon sign with a catchy phrase. Soft, warm lighting can also make for a flattering photo, so consider that when selecting your light fixtures.

5. Outdoor Space

If your salon has an outdoor area, make it Instagram-worthy by adding elements like fairy lights, a water feature, or chic outdoor furniture. An outdoor mural could serve as a fantastic backdrop for photos, adding an extra layer of interest to your salon’s exterior. A beautiful outdoor setting can make for stunning photos, particularly during golden hours when the lighting is at its best.


Incorporating Instagrammable spots in your hair salon renovation enhances your interior design and serves a functional marketing purpose. It encourages clients to engage with your brand online, doing some marketing legwork for you. So, when planning your renovation, consider your social media presence and how your design choices can contribute to it.

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